Policies (216)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Fourth Energy Research Programmme (4. Energieforschungsprogramm) Germany 1996
Green Power Germany 1996
100 Million Programme Germany 1995
Eco allowances within the framework of the homeowner allowance Germany 1995
Home Eco Grant (Eigenheim-Ökozulage) Germany 1995
Ordinance on the Fee Schedule for Architects and Engineers Germany 1995
Voluntary agreement of the German automotive industry Germany 1995
Fifty/fifty – incentive schemes for schools to save energy Germany 1994
Full Cost Rates (Kostendeckende Vergütung) Germany 1993
Electricity Feed-In Law ("Stromeinspeisungsgesetz") Germany 1991
ERP-Environment and Energy Saving Programme Germany 1990
250 MW Wind Programme Germany 1989
Federal States (Länder) Support for Renewable Energy Germany 1985
Energy counselling in consumer advice centres Germany 1978
Energy Saving Act (EnEG) Germany 1976
Municipal Transport Financing Act (GVFG) and Regionalisation Act (RegG) Germany 1971