Policies (24)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Peru 2020
Framework Law on Climate Change Peru 2018
Energy Efficiency Labelling of Energy Using Equipment - Supreme Decree No. 009-2017-EM Peru 2017
National Forestry and Climate Change Strategy Peru 2016
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) Peru 2015
National Strategy on Climate Change (Decree No. 011-2015-MINAM) Peru 2015
Sustainable Construction Code Peru 2015
Forest and Wildlife Law no 29763 Peru 2015
Law on Compensation Mechanisms for Services to Ecosystems Peru 2014
Mechanisms of Compensation for Services to Ecosystems, Law No. 30215 Peru 2014
Directive on the Commercialization of Fees Generated by Ecosystem Conservation Projects in Nationally Protected Areas, Executive Decree No 26-2014-SERNANP Peru 2014
Universal Energy Access Plan 2013-2022 Peru 2013
National Plan for the Conservation of Forests to Mitigate Climate Change, Executive Decree No. 008-2010-MINAN Peru 2010
Action Plan for Adaptation and Mitigation against Climate Change (Decree N. 238-2010-MINAM) Peru 2010
Promotion of Investment for the Generation of Electricity from Renewable Energies, Legislative Decree No. 1002 Peru 2008
Promoting Investment Activity for the Generation of Electricity from hydropower and other renewable sources, Legislative Decree No 1058 Peru 2008
Creation of the Temporary Regimen for the Renovation of Automotive Vehicles in order to Promote Change to the Energy Matrix, Executive Decree No 213-2007-EF Peru 2007
General Environmental Law (No 28611) Peru 2005
National Strategy on Climate Change, Executive Decree No. 086-2003-PCM Peru 2003
Law to Promote a Market of Biofuels Fuels, Law No. 28054 and corresponding regulations specified in Federal Decree No. 013-2005-EM Peru 2003