Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Kigali Amendment on HFCs Slovakia (2017) Slovakia 2017
Act No. 321/2014 on Energy Efficiency Slovakia (2017) Slovakia 2017
Operational Programme Quality of Environment for the period 2014-2020 Slovakia (2014) Slovakia 2014
National Adaptation Strategy, Resolution No. 148/2014 Slovakia (2014) Slovakia 2014
Energy Policy 2014 slovakia Slovakia (2014) Slovakia 2014
Decree No. 221/2013 establishing a price regulation in electricity and Decree No. 189/2014 (which amends and supplements decree 221/2013) Slovakia (2013) Slovakia 2013
Introduction of smart meters and distribution networks, Decree of the Ministry of agriculture No. 358/2013 Coll. Slovakia (2013) Slovakia 2013
Decree of the Ministry of Environment No. 231/2013 Coll. on the National Emissions Inventory System and on technical-operational parameters Slovakia (2013) Slovakia 2013
Act No. 414/2012 Coll. on Emission Trading Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Act No. 250/2012 on regulation of network industries as amended Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Act No. 251/2012 Coll. on Energy and on change of certain acts Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Act No. 314/2012 Coll. on regular inspection of heating systems and air conditioning systems Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Act No. 373/2012 Coll. on emergency stocks of oil and oil products and amending the Act on the promotion of renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Act No. 414/2012 Coll. on Emission Trading Slovakia (2012) Slovakia 2012
Creation of the High Level Committee for Co-ordination of Climate Change Policy (Coordination Committee), Resolution of the Slovak Government No. 821/2011 Slovakia (2011) Slovakia 2011
Establishment of sustainability criteria and targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fuels, Decree of Ministry of Environment No. 271/2011 Coll. Slovakia (2011) Slovakia 2011
Act No. 258/2011 Coll. On Carbon Dioxide Capture and Geological Storage in the Geological Environment Slovakia (2011) Slovakia 2011
National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) Slovakia (2010) Slovakia 2010
Act No. 309/2009 Coll. on the Support of Renewable Energy Sources and High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power Generation and on Amendments to Certain Acts Slovakia (2009) Slovakia 2009
National emissions target under the EU Effort Sharing Decision (406/2009/EC) Slovakia (2009) Slovakia 2009