Policies (20)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Law 14,119/2021 on National Policy for Payment for Environmental Services Brazil 2021
Decree No. 41578 extending the national moratorium on oil exploration and exploitation Costa Rica 2019
Prince Edward Island Renewable Energy Act Canada 2016
Rajasthan net-metering policy India 2015
Royal Decree 900/2015 on Self-Consumption Spain 2015
Residential Gas and Heat Subsidies Phase-out Ukraine 2015
Net metering policy for solar PV and wind projects Pakistan 2015
Uttar Pradesh net-metering regulations for rooftop solar PV India 2015
Tamil Nadu Incentive for Domestic Solar Rooftops India 2015
Gujarat Solar Power Policy India 2015
Punjab Policy on Net-Metering for Grid Interactive Rooft-top Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants India 2014
Karnataka Solar Policy India 2014
Distributed generation Italy 2014
Net Metering for Distributed Generation Brazil 2012
Royal Decree 647/2011 on Special Reduced Tariff Spain 2011
Levy on New Passenger Motor Vehicles South Africa 2010
Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy India 2009
Gujarat Solar Power Policy India 2009
Eskom Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme South Africa 2008
Price-Anderson and Nuclear Waste Policy Acts United States of America 1982