Policies (23)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Doctrine (strategy) of achieving carbon neutrality until 2060 Kazakhstan 2021
Environmental Code Kazakhstan 2021
Renewable energy auction Kazakhstan 2018
Green Standard Kazakhstan 2017
Atlas of Solar Resources Kazakhstan 2017
Order of the minister of energy No. 478 on approval of target indicators for the development of the renewable energy sector Kazakhstan 2016
Law on the transition to green economy Kazakhstan 2016
Order No. 399 of the minister for investments and development On Approval of the Rules for Determining and Revising Energy Efficiency Classes of Buildings, Structures, Structures Kazakhstan 2015
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution - INDC Kazakhstan 2015
Taxation of oil and gas industries Kazakhstan 2014
Emissions Trading Scheme Kazakhstan 2013
Energy Efficiency Programme Kazakhstan 2013
Concept for Transition to Green Economy: Renewables in the power sector Kazakhstan 2013
Action Plan for the Development of Alternative and Renewable Energy Kazakhstan 2013
Program on modernization of housing and communal services 2011-2020 Kazakhstan 2011
Law on Energy Saving Kazakhstan 2011
Law on Supporting the Use of Renewable Energy Sources Kazakhstan 2009
Law about Support of Use of Renewable Sources of Energy No. 165-4 Kazakhstan 2009
Fuel Tax Kazakhstan 2009
The Ecological Code of the Republic of , No. 212 of 2007 and Amendment to said legislation on 3 December 2011 Kazakhstan 2007