Policies (93)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Long-term low-emission strategy for 2050 Norway 2021
VAT exemption for electric cars Norway 2021
Climate Action Plan Norway 2021
National Transport Plan 2022–2033 Norway 2021
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Norway 2020
The Norwegian Government’s hydrogen strategy Norway 2020
Discount on Toll Roads Fares for EVs Norway 2019
Fiscal Incentives for Scrapping Fossil-Fuel Vans Norway 2018
Resolution to reduce cruise ships and ferries emissions in fjords Norway 2018
Discount on Municipal Parking Fees for EVs Norway 2018
40% Reduction on Company Car Tax for EVs Norway 2018
Discount on Ferry Fares for EVs Norway 2018
Creation of a Zero-Emission Control Area (ZECA) Norway 2018
Kigali Amendment on HFCs Norway 2017
Enova - Climate and Energy Fund (Residential buildings) Norway 2017
Climate Change Act Norway 2017
Enova - Climate and Energy Fund (Transport) Norway 2017
Better growth, lower emissions Strategy Norway 2017
Building regulation EVSE Oslo Norway 2017
National Transport Plan Norway 2017