Policies (232)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
National plan on sustainable development Luxembourg 1998
National Environmental Policy Togo 1998
National Environmental Action Plan Togo 1999
National Strategy to Reduce GHG Emissions Luxembourg 2000
National Climate Change Strategy Ireland 2000
National Programme for Tackling Climate Change France 2000
New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Climate Change Action Plan Canada 2001
Climate Strategy Austria 2002
The Co-operation Agreement on the National Climate Plan and the National Climate Plan Belgium 2002
2nd Comprehensive Action Plan for Climate Change Policy Republic of Korea 2002
Regional Measures: Victoria Greenhouse Strategy Australia 2002
National Strategy on Climate Change, Executive Decree No. 086-2003-PCM Peru 2003
Second National Climate Change Programme (approved by Act of the Ministerial Council 5/27.02.2003, amended in 2007) Greece 2003
National Plan of Action and Adaptation to Climate Change Algeria 2003
National Environmental Policy and Strategies Sri Lanka 2003
National Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation Tajikistan 2003
Polish Climate Policy - Strategy for greenhouse gas emissions reduction (2003-2020) Poland 2003
National Programme to Abate the Climate Change Impacts, Government Resolution No. 187 Czechia 2004
Climate Plan France 2004
National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Bahamas 2005