Policies (146)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
National Solar Mission (Phase I and II) India 2010
Scheme on Interest free loan for Energy Conservation Measures in Haryana India 2010
Financial Measures for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses Japan 2010
Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) Malaysia 2010
Finance Law France 2009
IKK - Energy-Efficient Urban Refurbishment - Energy-efficient Redevelopment (IKK - Energetische Stadtsanierung - Energieeffizient Sanieren) Germany 2009
KfW Renewable Energies Programme (KfW-Programm Erneuerbare Energien) Germany 2009
KfW-Programme Energy-Efficient Rehabilitation (Energieeffizient Sanieren) Germany 2009
Argentinean Energy Efficiency Fund (Fondo Argentino de Eficiencia Energetica) Argentina 2009
Special Programme for the Use of Renewable Energy 2008-2012 Mexico 2009
Green Loans Programme for Households Australia 2009
Low Carbon Industrial Strategy (LCIS) United Kingdom 2009
Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Investments United States of America 2009
Lviv Soft Loan Programme for Solar Thermal Systems Ukraine 2009
Renove Tourism Plan Spain 2009
Scheme for Financing Renewable Projects - soft loans Pakistan 2009
Special Fund for Energy Efficiency in SMEs Germany 2008
Scottish SME Loan Fund United Kingdom 2008
Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program United States of America 2008
Rural Development Biofuels Programs United States of America 2008