Policies (182)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Resolution 339/2021 on the use of LPG for nautic engines Argentina 2021
Law 27,640 on biofuels Argentina 2021
Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy United Kingdom 2021
Motor Fuel (Composition and Content) and the Biofuel (Labelling) (Amendment) Regulations United Kingdom 2021
Changes in the biodiesel blending mandate Brazil 2020
Clean Fuel Standard Canada 2020
Circular Economy Action Plan European Union 2020
Biodiesel blending mandate Indonesia 2020
Amendment 14 - Energy Efficiency Regulations - Air Conditioners Canada 2019
Regulations Limiting Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Natural Gas-fired Generation of Electricity (SOR/2018-261) Canada 2019
MEPS - Compact Fluorescent Lamps Australia 2019
Reduction of losses of distribution transformers Brazil 2019
Inovagro Programme Brazil 2019
Decree N. 246/2019 National plan for avoidance of food losses and waste Argentina 2019
Framework Law on Mobility France 2019
Amendments to MEPS for furnaces, fireplaces, unit heaters and recovery ventilators Canada 2019
Rulemaking for Appliance Standards United States of America 2019
Solar Cooling Standard Australia 2019
Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles - Revised Guidelines and Standards India 2019
Law 1964/2019 promoting the use of electric vehicles Colombia 2019