Policies (10)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Regulations for vehicle roadworthiness Georgia 2020
Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Standards Japan 2016
Environment-related tax on vehicle Japan 2012
Regulation on the CO2 Emission for New Passenger Vehicles Switzerland 2012
Law on Air Quality Mongolia 2012
Law 3831/2010 on Revision of the vehicle taxes regime for vehicles, abolishment of the vehicles recycling measures (scrappage scheme) and measures for tackling atmospheric pollution Greece 2010
Law 34/2007 on air quality and atmosphere protection, last amended by Law 11/2014 Spain 2007
Directive on measured against GHG emissions from nonroad vehicles European Union 2004
Directive relating to measures to be taken against air pollution by emissions from motor vehicles and amending Council Directive 70/220/EEC European Union 1998
Law No.228 on Protection of the Atmospheric Air (Law on Air Protection) Tajikistan 1996