Policies (131)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Saving Energy in Data Centers United States of America 2008
Sustainable Hydropower Development Policy Bhutan 2008
Builders Challenge United States of America 2008
National Sustainable Development Strategy Myanmar 2009
Forestry 2030 Roadmap (Forest Strategy South Africa 2009
Cleaner vehicle purchase incentives (Decree Law No. 5/09) Italy 2009
Low Carbon Transition Plan United Kingdom 2009
Low Carbon Industrial Strategy (LCIS) United Kingdom 2009
National Energy Strategy Morocco 2009
National Cleaner Production Policy (Government agreement N.258-2010) Guatemala 2010
Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management 2010-2015 Tonga 2010
National Strategy for Community Forestry Bhutan 2010
Economic Development Policy Bhutan 2010
The Investments in Forest Industry Transformation Canada 2010
Russian Direct Investment Fund Russian Federation 2011
Outline of Alleviating Property through Development in Rural Areas China 2011
Sustainable Communities Regional Planning (SCRP) Grant Program United States of America 2011
Clean Energy and Other Skills Package Australia 2011
General Scheme of the oil industry until 2020 No 212 Russia Russian Federation 2011
General Scheme of gas industry development by 2030 N213 Russia Russian Federation 2011