Policies (3251)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Sustainable Neighborhoods Contracts Belgium 1994
Basic Environmental Law Japan 1993
Energy Conservation and Recycling Assistance Act Japan 1993
Basic Plan for the Rationalization of Energy Use Republic of Korea 1993
Clean Cities United States of America 1993
Natural Gas STAR United States of America 1993
FIDE label Mexico 1993
Ethanol Blending Mandate Brazil 1993
PROCEL Seal and label Brazil 1993
General Environmental Law (Law 99/1993) Colombia 1993
The Sustainable Cities Programme Norway 1993
Electricity Supply Act 1990 Malaysia 1993
Energy Resources Regulations (Performing a Study to Find a Potential to Energy Conservation) Israel 1993
Energy Sources Regulations (Monitoring Energy Consumption Efficiency) Israel 1993
Environmental Protection and Preservation Act Maldives 1993
Environmental Support Act Austria 1993
Executive Order 123, institutionalizing the Committee on Power Conservation and Demand Management Philippines 1993
National Energy Sources Development Program Cuba 1993
National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) Pakistan 1993
The Energy Savings Trust United Kingdom 1992