Policies (1014)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy efficiency Improvements in Strip Lighting European Union 1999
Rules on Construction of New Buildings France 1999
Solar-Powered Water Heaters - Helios 2006 France 1999
Normalised Estimation of Energy Fees France 1999
Norms for Energy-Consuming Appliances and Equipment France 1999
Eco-label Standards for Laptop Computers European Union 1999
KfW CO2 reduction Germany 1999
Energy Conservation and Methods of Assurance for Energy efficiency Compliance (GOST P 51380-99) Russian Federation 1999
Resolution 319/99 on Energy labelling scheme for appliances Argentina 1999
Reduced VAT for Residential Renewable Energy Equipment France 1999
Individual Unit Energy Choice France 1999
Measures planned in Favour of Energy efficiency - Public Buildings Turkey 2000
Guidebook on Energy Conservation in Buildings Japan 2000
Lighting Energy efficiency Standards United States of America 2000
Regulation on Heat Insulation in Buildings Turkey 2000
Microclimate Parameters in Residential and Public Buildings Russian Federation 2000
LEED: Existing Buildings operations and maintenance United States of America 2000
LEED for Homes United States of America 2000
Energo Switzerland 2000
Decrees to Increase Energy Efficiency of Boilers France 2000