Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy Taxation Directive European Union 2021
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act United States of America 2021
Aeronautic support plan France 2020
The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme Order United Kingdom 2020
Commercial Fuel Tax (CFT) United States of America 2019
General Aviation Fuel Tax (GAFT) United States of America 2019
Emissions Trading System China 2017
Fuel Levy on the Sale of Aviation Fuels South Africa 2017
Transport Strategy 2030 Russian Federation 2017
Emissions Trading Scheme Republic of Korea 2015
Emissions-based landing fees Germany 2015
Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation Canada 2012
Aviation Low Emissions, Fuel Efficiency, and Renewable Fuels Measures United States of America 2012
Clean Transportation Initiatives Canada 2012
EcoTRANSPORT Strategy Canada 2011
Russian Direct Investment Fund Russian Federation 2011
Act on Aviation Emissions Trading (34/2010) Finland 2010
Revision of the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) European Union 2009
Aviation Industry Greenhouse Gas Emissions Agreement France 2008
Continuous, Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) Program United States of America 2008