Policies (43)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Climate Change Framework Law Chile 2022
Coal power phase-out plans Chile 2021
Bill on the prohibition of coal-fired thermoelectric plants Chile 2021
Law 21,305 on energy efficiency Chile 2021
Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Network in Mining Chile 2021
Just Transition Strategy Chile 2021
Solar House Program Chile 2021
Long-Term Climate Strategy Chile 2021
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Chile 2020
National Green Hydrogen Strategy Chile 2020
Law 21,118 on the promotion of residential-scale power generation Chile 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile 2018
Amendment of law No. 20,571 on environmental taxation (carbon tax) Chile 2018
National Action Plan for Sustainable Consumption and Production 2017-2022 Chile 2017
Mitigation Plan for the Energy Sector Chile 2017
National Strategy on Climate Change and Vegetation Resources 2017-2025 Chile 2017
National Energy Policy 2050 Chile 2017
National Electromobility Strategy Chile 2017
Energy Sector’s Long Term Strategy Chile 2017
National Action Plan for Climate Change 2017-2022 Chile 2017