Policies (110)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Changes in the biodiesel blending mandate Brazil 2020
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Brazil 2020
10-year Plan for Energy Expansion Brazil 2019
Decree establishing the Inter-ministerial Committee on Climate Change (CIM) Brazil 2019
Alliance Program for Energy Efficiency Brazil 2019
Inovagro Programme Brazil 2019
Reduction of losses of distribution transformers Brazil 2019
Resolution 819 - Procedures and conditions for carrying out electric vehicle recharging activities Brazil 2018
Network of Innovation in the Electric Sector (Rise) Brazil 2018
Rota 2030 Mobility and Logistics Brazil 2018
Minimum efficiency standards for air conditioners Brazil 2018
Import tax relief for EVs Brazil 2018
RenovaBio Brazil 2018
Efficiency Standards for Refrigerators and Freezers Brazil 2018
Interministerial order No. 2 Energy Performance Standards for ceiling fans Brazil 2017
Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Motors Brazil 2016
Energy efficiency INDC target Brazil 2015
INDC target Brazil 2015
INDC LULUCF policy Brazil 2015
Biofuel INDC target Brazil 2015