Policies (205)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Car Rental and Taxi Fleet Renewal France 2015
Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (Energy Transition Law) France 2015
Building code - EV charging France 2015
EV Charging Infrastructure Tax Credit France 2015
EV Charging Infrastructure Target 2030 France 2015
Multi Annual Energy Plan France 2015
National Low-Carbon Strategy (Stratégie Nationale Bas-Carbone) France 2015
Demonstration Fund "Vehicles and Transport of the Future" France 2015
"Investment for the Future" Programme France 2014
Tax Exemption for the Use of Public Space France 2014
Carbon Charge Component France 2014
Mandatory Energy Audits France 2014
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan France 2014
The Energy Transition Tax Credit (CITE) France 2014
Farming, forest and alimentation Framework Policy No. France 2014
Order Establishing Conditions for the Purchase of Electricity Generated from Wind Energy Plants Located in an Area Particularly Exposed to Cyclonic Risk and Equipped with a Device for Forecasting and Smoothing Electricity Production France 2013
Climate Plan (Policy framework) France 2013
Energy Efficiency Target declared by France 2012
Thermal regulation France 2012
Mandate for Charging Infrastructure in Parking Areas France 2012