Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Policy on net metering for micro- and small renewable power generation Brazil 2022
Law 14,300 on micro- and mini distributed generation Brazil 2022
On Energy Efficiency in Buildings, On Commercial Metering of Utility Services, and On the Energy Efficiency Fund Ukraine 2019
Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy India 2019
Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) (2028) Indonesia 2019
Law 21,118 on the promotion of residential-scale power generation Chile 2018
Regulation 49/2018 on renewables net metering Indonesia 2018
Law Nr 27,424 on the Promotion Regime for Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy Integrated in the Public Electricity Grid Argentina 2017
Net Metering for Small-Scale Solar Saudi Arabia 2017
Electricity Act Suriname 2016
Separate meter for EV charging households Mexico 2016
Net metering policy for solar PV and wind projects Pakistan 2015
Law 58-15 on Net-Metering Morocco 2015
Gujarat Solar Power Policy India 2015
Punjab Policy on Net-Metering for Grid Interactive Rooft-top Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants India 2014
Law 1715, regulating the integration and promotion of non-conventional renewable energy to the national energy system Colombia 2014
Regulation AR-NT-POASEN-2014 on Net-Metering Costa Rica 2014
Law 20,571 on Distributed Generation Chile 2014
Net-metering for Residential PV Turkey 2013
Net Metering Program for Renewable Energy Philippines 2013