Policies (58)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Government fleet ZEV Canada 2017
Metro Rail Policy India 2017
Mitigation Plan for the Energy Sector Chile 2017
EESL Smart Meter National Programme India 2017
EESL Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Programme India 2017
Buskreud Electric Buses Norway 2016
Alberta Electrcity Initiatives Canada 2015
Street Light National Programme India 2015
EESL Solar Agriculture Demand Side Management (DSM) India 2015
Public Procurement Rules for Federal Administrations and Public Services Belgium 2013
Directive on Energy efficiency European Union 2012
Government Buying Standards United Kingdom 2011
The Act on Environmental Requirements in the Procurement of Vehicles and Certain Public Passenger Transport Services Sweden 2011
Act to Promote the Purchase of Environmentally Friendly Products Republic of Korea 2010
Energy-Efficient Federal Motor Vehicle Fleet Procurement United States of America 2009
Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance United States of America 2009
Low Carbon Industrial Strategy (LCIS) United Kingdom 2009
Low Carbon Transport Strategy United Kingdom 2009
Energy Efficiency Measures for Government Authorities Sweden 2009
Clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles (Directive European Union 2009