Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Finance Law France (2018) France 2018
Scrappage Scheme/Conversion Premium (Prime à la conversion) France (2017) France 2017
Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (Energy Transition Law) France (2015) France 2015
Sustainability Achieved Via Energy efficiency rebate programme (SAVE) Malaysia (2011) Malaysia 2011
Special fund to support the implementation of Energy efficiency targets Italy (2010) Italy 2010
Cleaner vehicle purchase incentives (Decree Law No. 5/09) Italy (2009) Italy 2009
Environmental bonus Germany (2009) Germany 2009
National Vehicle Scrappage Programme Canada (2009) Canada 2009
Old vehicle scrappage scheme Germany (2009) Germany 2009
Super bonus: Vehicle scrappage scheme France (2008) France 2008
Bonus for Drivers Scrapping Old Vehicles to Join Car-Sharing Italy (2005) Italy 2005
Programme for Financing of Electric Energy Saving (PFAEE) Mexico (2002) Mexico 2002
Extension of Tax Credit for the Purchase of Natural Gas Vehicles France (2001) France 2001