Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Railways on MISSION MODE of becoming a "Green Railway" by 2030 (Net Zero Carbon Emission) India 2020
RenovaBio (Decree 9308) Brazil 2018
Renewable Energy Green Certificate and Trading Mechanism China 2017
Gujarat Wind Power Policy India 2016
Capacity and power auctions supported by clean energy certificates Mexico 2016
Guidelines establishing and issuing Clean Energy Certificates Mexico 2015
Gujarat Solar Power Policy India 2015
Energy Transition Law Mexico 2015
Law on the Electricity Industry Mexico 2014
Karnataka Solar Policy India 2014
Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Republic of Korea 2012
Madhya Pradesh Wind Power Project Policy India 2012
Norway-Sweden Green Certificate Scheme for electricity production Norway 2012
Act on Electricity certificates: Act No. 2011:1200 and Regulation on Electricity certificates – Regulation No. 2011:1480 Sweden 2011
RES Promotion Italy 2011
Renewable energy certificates system India 2011
Rajasthan Solar Policy India 2011
Gujarat Solar Power Policy India 2009
Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy India 2009
Solar Credits Australia 2009