Policies (3251)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Global Warming Prevention Headquarters Japan 1997
Heat Island Reduction Initiative (HIRI) United States of America 1997
Energy efficiency Program in Public Buildings - PROCEL EPP Brazil 1997
Act on Coordination of Federal Policy on Sustainable Development Belgium 1997
EKO Energy Sweden 1997
Environment Protection Act Pakistan 1997
Environment Policy Ethiopia 1997
The Electricity Proclamation (No. 86-1997) Ethiopia 1997
Law on the Rational Use of Energy; and the Parliamentary Decree regarding the procedure of enforcing the Law on the Rational Use of Energy Uzbekistan 1997
State Programme for Energy Savings by the Ministry of Education Cuba 1997
Promotion of ESCO Japan 1996
Resolution 708/96 on Norms and standards for measuring gas concentrations and particulate matter emitted by chimneys Argentina 1996
Fourth Energy Research Programmme (4. Energieforschungsprogramm) Germany 1996
Demand-Side Management Republic of Korea 1996
High Efficiency Appliance Certification Programme Republic of Korea 1996
Best Available Techniques Reference Documents (BREFs) - IPCC Directive European Union 1996
The Provisions of the Panchayats (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act, India 1996
Building Energy Software Tools Directory United States of America 1996
Home Energy Saver United States of America 1996
Native American Housing Block Grants United States of America 1996