Policies (2573)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Rajasthan Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy India 2019
Proposed Methodology for Estimation of Electricity Generated from Biomass in Biomass Co-fired Thermal Power Plants India 2019
Basic Law for the Promotion of Biomass Utilization Japan 2019
Inovagro Programme Brazil 2019
Climate Solutions Package Australia 2019
Long-Term Strategy under the Paris Agreement Japan 2019
Law 27.487 on Promotion of forestry activities and reforestation Argentina 2019
Alberta Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Canada 2019
Grid expansion tenders Argentina 2019
National plan for avoidance of food losses and waste Argentina 2019
National Plan for Electric Transport Costa Rica 2019
The National Adaptation and Mitigation Response Plan to Climate Change Argentina 2019
National Medium Term Development Plan Indonesia 2019
Law on Energy and the Climate France 2019
Eleventh Five Year Development Plan Turkey 2019
Renewable portfolio standard benchmark China 2019
General Aviation Fuel Tax (GAFT) United States of America 2019
Building code EVSE India 2019
Highway Motor Fuel Tax (HMFT) United States of America 2019
Commercial Fuel Tax (CFT) United States of America 2019