Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan Germany (2019) Germany 2019
Reducing GHG emissions from the use of refrigerants in RAC sector Singapore (2019) Singapore 2019
Near Zero-emission Buildings Standard China (2019) China 2019
Taxing energy use Canada (2019) Canada 2019
Energy Rating Labels on Space Heating Appliances Australia (2019) Australia 2019
Resolution of the President No. PP-4422 Uzbekistan (2019) Uzbekistan 2019
Smart services for efficient energy consumption - including smart meters Singapore (2019) Singapore 2019
On Energy Efficiency in Buildings, On Commercial Metering of Utility Services, and On the Energy Efficiency Fund Ukraine (2019) Ukraine 2019
Energy Efficiency Label for Residential Sector India (2019) India 2019
Building code EVSE India (2019) India 2019
Business Energy Advice Program Australia (2019) Australia 2019
Carbon Tax South Africa (2019) South Africa 2019
Hydrogen Economy Roadmap 2040 Republic of Korea (2019) Republic of Korea 2019
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) Georgia (2019) Georgia 2019
Improving the Energy and Emissions Performance of Buildings Australia (2019) Australia 2019
Green and High-Efficiency Cooling Action Plan China (2019) China 2019
Energy Efficient Communities Program - Community Organisations Australia (2019) Australia 2019
Resolution 59/2019 on Mandatory Energy Efficiency Label to Build New Social Housing Argentina (2019) Argentina 2019
Energy efficiency labelling Republic of Korea (2019) Republic of Korea 2019
Ontario Energy Savings Rebate program Canada (2019) Canada 2019