Policies (282)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy Efficiency and User Safety Requirement for Self-Contained Commercial Refrigerators (NOM-022-ENER/SCFI-2014) Mexico 2015
Energy Efficiency Leader Scheme China 2015
FHA PowerSaver Loan Program United States of America 2015
New Brunswick Appliance Meter Lending Program (NB Power) Canada 2015
National Program to Replace Incandescent Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (Ahórrate una Luz) Mexico 2015
Sustainable Construction Code Peru 2015
Linear Fluorescent Lamps (MEPS) United States of America 2015
MEPS for Air Conditioners Saudi Arabia 2014
Labelling for Ballasted Lamps Indonesia 2014
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap Republic of Korea 2014
Maximum Electrical Power for Equipment and Appliances that Require Standby Power (NOM-032-ENER-2013) Mexico 2014
National Standard for Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, and Washing Machine (Ministerial Regulation No.34/M-IND/PER/7/2013) Indonesia 2014
Energy Efficiency Standards on Power Sector and Appliances Tajikistan 2014
Energy Efficiency in Lighting Systems in Non-Residential Buildings (NOM-007-ENER Mexico 2014
Compulsory Specification for Energy Efficiency and Labelling of Electrical and Electronic Apparatus South Africa 2014
Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme Australia 2014
Thermal Efficiency of Household Cooking Appliances Using LP Gas or Natural Gas (NOM-025-ENER Mexico 2013
Amendment 12B to the Energy efficiency Regulations Canada 2013
Energy Efficiency and Safety Requirements for CFLs (NOM-017-ENER/SCFI-2012) Mexico 2013
Televisions (MEPS) United States of America 2013