Policies (1658)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Concept for Transition to Green Economy: Renewables in the power sector Kazakhstan
Strategy for Energy Supply and Use Egypt
Energy Commission Act Nigeria
Feed-in Tariffs Guidelines Malaysia
Investment Aid for Solar Photovoltaic Cells Connected to the Grid Sweden
Law on Coal Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Law on Crude Oil Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Law on Thermal and Pressure Equipment Supervision Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Integrated Wind Energy Program Morocco
Solar Plan (Noor) Morocco
Power Purchase Price from clean and renewable sources Iran
Royal Decree 244/2019 Regulating the Administrative, Technical and Economic Conditions of the Self-Consumption of Electric Energy Spain
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Saint Lucia
Bill on renewable energy Indonesia
New strategy on coal-fired power plant finance overseas Japan
Development of nuclear energy United Arab Emirates
Proposal for a Carbon for Forest Ecosystems Services Program (CPFES) Viet Nam
The American Jobs Plan