Policies (1192)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
National Fuel Cell Research and Innovation Initiative Canada 1999
New Buses Italy 1999
Promotion of Electric and Natural-Gas Powered Vehicles France 1999
Rail Transport Tax Credit Australia 1999
Reduction in Price Gap Between Diesel and Gasoline France 1999
Strategy Paper on Air Transport European Union 1999
Telework Japan 1999
Top Runner Programme Japan 1999
Free Municipal Parking for EVs Norway 1999
Directive relating to measures to be taken against air pollution by emissions from motor vehicles and amending Council Directive 70/220/EEC European Union 1998
White Paper: A New Deal for Transport United Kingdom 1998
Executive Order 472, institutionalizing the Committee on Fuel conservation and Efficiency in Road Transport Philippines 1998
Law 34/1998, on the hydrocarbons sector Spain 1998
Local Tax and Fees Act Bulgaria 1998
National plan on sustainable development Luxembourg 1998
Transport Planning (Brussels) Belgium 1998
Diesel and Gasoline Sulfur Standards Canada 1997
Exemption on Toll Roads and Ferries for EVs Norway 1997
PREVER Programme Spain 1997
Financial Law of 8 Dec. 95 No. 549 Italy 1996