Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Indicative Action Plan (2017-2022) of the Rational and Efficient Energy Use Programme (PROURE) Colombia 2016
Umweltbonus Germany 2016
Classification and Labelling of Cars (M1) and Light Vans (N1) Spain 2016
Light-duty vehicle emission standards Peru 2016
Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions Standards Turkey 2016
VAT reductions on PHEVs and HEVs Turkey 2016
Turkish Vehicle Registration Tax (ÖTV) Turkey 2016
Light-duy vehicle emission standards Russian Federation 2016
Low Emissions Zone (Crit'Air) France 2016
Light-duty vehicle emission standards China 2016
Scheme for Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) & Electric Vehicles - FAME India 2015
Corporate Average Fuel Economy Norms for Passenger Cars India 2015
Clean Energy Vehicle for British Columbia (CEVforBC) Program Canada 2015
Fleet Incentive Australia 2015
Subsidies for New Clean Energy Vehicles Japan 2015
Notice on Preferential Vehicle and Vessel Tax Policies for Energy-saving Vehicles & Vessels Using New Energy: China 2015
Ontori Electric Vehicles Inventive Program Canada 2015
Support for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) United Kingdom 2015
Ultra Low Emission Taxi Scheme United Kingdom 2015
MOVEA Plan: Promotion of Alternative Energy Vehicles Spain 2015