Policies (250)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Roadmap for Electric Mobility 2022 Switzerland 2018
Codes and Standards for Low Carbon Vehicles and Refuelling Infrastructure Canada 2018
Fiscal Incentives for Scrapping Fossil-Fuel Vans Norway 2018
National E-Mobility Programme India 2018
Zero-Emission Vehicle Investment Initiative United States of America 2018
Import tax relief for EVs Brazil 2018
Resolution 819 - Procedures and conditions for carrying out electric vehicle recharging activities Brazil 2018
Long-Term Goal and Strategy of Automotive Industry for Tackling Global Climate Change Japan 2018
Law no 9518 on incentives and promotion of electric transportation Costa Rica 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile 2018
Discount on Municipal Parking Fees for EVs Norway 2018
VAT Exemption (Bill No. 9260) Ukraine 2018
Draft Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy India 2018
Tbilisi’s Green Transport Policy Action plan Georgia 2018
Financial Support EV Charger Installation Thailand 2018
40% Reduction on Company Car Tax for EVs Norway 2018
Purchase Subsidies for BEVs Bulgaria 2018
Road to Zero Strategy United Kingdom 2018
Strategy for the development of the automotive industry of the Russian Federation 2018
EVSE Support Tokyo Japan 2018