Policies (42)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Nationally Determined Contribution - NDC Switzerland 2020
Feed-in Tariffs for RES and Investment Grants for Small and Large PV, Hydropower, and Biomass Switzerland 2018
Federal Energy Law Switzerland 2018
Energy Promotion Regulation Switzerland 2017
CO2 Emission Standards for Light Duty Vehicles Switzerland 2017
Energy Act establishing the Energy Strategy 2050 Switzerland 2016
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution - INDC Switzerland 2015
CO2 Compensation Duty for Importers of Fossil Motor Fuels Switzerland 2014
Distribution Code Switzerland 2014
CO2 Act Switzerland 2013
Transmission Code Switzerland 2013
Ordinance for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions (CO2 Ordinance), SR 641.711 Switzerland 2013
Forest Policy 2020 Switzerland 2013
Regulation on the CO2 Emission for New Passenger Vehicles Switzerland 2012
Climate Strategy Agriculture Switzerland 2011
Tenders for Efficient Use of Electricity Switzerland 2010
Building Renovation Programme Switzerland 2010
Reimbursement of Surcharge on Electric Transmission Grid Switzerland 2009
Kostendeckende Einspeisevergütung (KEV) Switzerland 2009
CO2 Tax on Stationary Fuels Switzerland 2008