Policies (141)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Fuel sales taxes Ukraine 2016
Fuel Tax United Arab Emirates 2015
Transportation-Energy-Environment Tax Republic of Korea 2015
Differentiated Registration Tax Denmark 2015
Law 13,203 on the renegotiation of the hydrological risk of generating electricity Brazil 2015
Fuel Tax Pakistan 2015
Emissions-based landing fees Germany 2015
Law 27,209 on tax exemptions for gasoline and diesel (regional discrimination) Argentina 2015
Vehicle Registration Tax Derogation Denmark 2015
Ownership Tax Differentiation Denmark 2015
Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act -EEG- Germany 2014
Taxation of oil and gas industries Kazakhstan 2014
Special Act to reform the finance of the Communities and the Regions, the extension of the tax autonomy of the Regions and the finance of new competences Belgium 2014
Law 20,780 on reform implementing tax on emissions Chile 2014
Royal Decree Law 15/2012 on Tax Policy Aimed at Energy Sustainability Spain 2013
Uttar Pradesh Solar Energy Policy India 2013
Oil and gas corporate tax Iraq 2013
Finance Act – as amended by Finance Act No. 1/2013 Ireland 2013
2014 Annual Budget Law Iran 2013
Amendment to Act Concerning Energy Tax (a component of the climate and energy package) within the 2013 National Budget Bill Sweden 2013