Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Jobs for Nature New Zealand (2020) New Zealand 2020
On Energy Efficiency in Buildings, On Commercial Metering of Utility Services, and On the Energy Efficiency Fund Ukraine (2019) Ukraine 2019
Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) India (2019) India 2019
Exemplary Administration Pact (Pacte de l'exemplarité de l'administration) Morocco (2019) Morocco 2019
Decree on Establishment of National Working Competency Standard for Energy Audit Indonesia (2018) Indonesia 2018
Resolution 174/2018 on National Programme for Good Agricultural Practices in Fruit and Vegetable Products Argentina (2018) Argentina 2018
Energy Renovation in Buildings Plan France (2018) France 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile (2018) Chile 2018
National Electromobility Strategy Chile (2017) Chile 2017
Efficient Driving in Public Sector Fleets Argentina (2017) Argentina 2017
Decree No. 2-17-672 creating the training institute for the professions of renewable energies and energetic efficiency (IFMEREE) in Oujda Morocco (2017) Morocco 2017
Coaches for Climate and Energy Sweden (2016) Sweden 2016
Indicative Action Plan (2017-2022) of the Rational and Efficient Energy Use Programme (PROURE) Colombia (2016) Colombia 2016
Philippine Green Jobs Act no 10771/2016 Philippines (2016) Philippines 2016
National Forest Management Plan with Integrated Livestock Argentina (2015) Argentina 2015
National Standard Competency for Energy Manager on Building and Industry (Ministerial Regulation No.41 Indonesia (2015) Indonesia 2015
National Smart Grid Mission India (2015) India 2015
Nova Scotia Strategic Energy Management Canada (2015) Canada 2015
Fluorinated greenhouse gases European Union (27) (2014) European Union 2014
Industrial Symbiosis Programme South Africa (2014) South Africa 2014