Policies (100)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy Audits in Public Buildings Italy 2007
Save Energy Now State Partnerships United States of America 2007
Queensland Smart Energy Policy Australia 2007
Act No. 5686 on Geothermal Resources And Mineral Waters Turkey 2007
Mandatory Energy Audits for Large Power Consumers Republic of Korea 2007
Expansion of the Save Energy Now Campaign United States of America 2007
Enhance efficient monitoring and auditing: Development of efficient centres China 2006
Energy Performance Certificates (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) France 2006
Energy efficiency Opportunities Programme Australia 2006
Law establishing the management of Public Forests, Brazil 2006
Executive Decree No. 2005-495 relative to the establishment of energy audits for large consumers. Algeria 2005
Programme for Improving Energy Efficiency in Energy-Intensive Industries (PFE) Sweden 2005
Requirements for Real Estate Energy Efficiency Diagnoses France 2005
National Master Plan for Energy Conservation (RIKEN) Indonesia 2005
Regulation on energy standards for buildings Indonesia 2005
Act on Verification and Notification of Origin of Electricity (1129/2003) Finland 2004
Free Energy Audit for Large Sized Companies Japan 2004
Standards for Building Energy Audits Russia Russian Federation 2003
Rules of Using Thermal Performance of Buildings Russian Federation 2003
PROCEL Industry Brazil 2003