Policies (246)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Gas Boilers Replacement by Low-Carbon Heating Systems United Kingdom 2025
Legislative Decree 73 - Implementation of of the directive (EU) 2018/2002 on Energy Efficiency Italy 2020
Circular Economy Action Plan European Union 2020
German coal exit law (Kohleausstiegsgesetz) Germany 2020
Colorado Senate Bill 19-181 United States of America 2019
Metropolitan Low Emission Zone (Zone à faibles émissions métropolitaine) France 2019
Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) United States of America 2019
Low Emissions Zone Barcelona Spain 2019
Code of Practice: Onshore Petroleum Activities in the Northern Territory Australia 2019
Colorado Regulation No. 7: Control of Ozone Precursors and Control of Hydrocarbons via Oil and Gas Emissions United States of America 2019
Reduction of losses of distribution transformers Brazil 2019
Creation of a Zero-Emission Control Area (ZECA) Norway 2018
Resolution 819 - Procedures and conditions for carrying out electric vehicle recharging activities Brazil 2018
Notice on Provisional Management Measures for Distributed Wind Power Project Development and Construction China 2018
Code of Practice for Leak Management, Detection and Reporting for Petroleum Operating Plant (QLD) Australia 2018
Ecological Protection Redline Policy China 2017
Government fleet initiatives Australia 2016
Central and Local Government Fleet Renewal Mandates France 2016
Environmentally Based Agricultural Land Protection Program Turkey 2016
Government Fleet Mandatory PEV Germany 2016