Policies (99)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
20 Million Trees Australia 2014
Programme for Conversion of Slope Farmlands into Forests China 2014
National Action Plan for Conservation of Wetlands of High Significance in 2013 - 2022 Bulgaria 2013
National Agriculture Policy Tanzania, United Republic of 2013
Catalan Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change 2013-2020 (ESCACC) Spain 2013
National Strategy for Development of the Forest Sector 2013 - 2020 Bulgaria 2013
Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) European Union 2013
Resolution 120/2011 on Smart Agriculture Argentina 2011
Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy Ethiopia 2011
Climate Change Strategy for Protected Areas Mexico 2011
Moratorium on the issuance of new conversion permits for primary forest and peatlands Indonesia 2011
National Forest Policy Trinidad and Tobago 2011
Sustainable Communities Regional Planning (SCRP) Grant Program United States of America 2011
Executive Order No. 23 - Declaring a moratorium on the cutting and harvesting of timber in the natural and residual forests and creating the anti-illegal logging task force Philippines 2011
National Programme for Agricultural Investment and Food Security (PNIASA and PNIASAN) Togo 2010
Terra Legal Program (Federal Law 11952 Brazil 2009
Planning Act (No. 937 of 2009; consolidated No. 587 of 2013) Denmark 2009
National Adaptation Strategy To Address Climate Change In The Agriculture Sector Strategy And Action Plan Guyana 2009
Law 26,562 on Minimum Environmental Protection Budgets to Control Burning Activities Argentina 2009
National Forest Policy Tonga 2009