Policies (237)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy Grant "Energy Savings Boost" France 2017
Mandatory Installation of BEMS (Building Energy Management System) in Newly Constructed Public Buildings Republic of Korea 2017
Zero Energy Building Certification System Republic of Korea 2017
Energy Conservation Building Code India 2017
Energy Efficiency in Inverted Air Conditioners with Variable Refrigerant Flow (NOM-026-ENER-2015) Mexico 2017
FEDER-POCS 2014-2020 Aid Program for the Energy Renovation of General State Administration Buildings and Infrastructures Spain 2017
Funding Programme for "Heat Network Systems 4.0" Germany 2017
Brussels Zero Interest Green Loan for the Residential Sector Belgium 2017
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2017-2020 Spain 2017
Commission Recommendation on Guidelines for the Promotion of Nearly Zero-energy Buildings European Union 2016
EU Heating and Cooling Strategy European Union 2016
Directive Governing the Promotion of Heating Optimization through Highly Efficient Pumps and Hydraulic Balancing Germany 2016
Support for Retrofits and Energy Efficiency in Certain areas Sweden 2016
Decree on Renewable Energy Developments Objectives France 2016
Energy Efficiency Regulations SOR/2016-311 Canada 2016
Building Energy Conservation Code Mexico 2016
Funding Programme to Avoid and Use Waste Heat in Commercial Undertakings Germany 2016
Danish Building Regulations Denmark 2015
Energy Efficiency and User Safety Requirement for Self-Contained Commercial Refrigerators (NOM-022-ENER/SCFI-2014) Mexico 2015
Decree No. DP-2343 on the Program of Measures to Reduce Energy Consumption, Implement Energy-Saving Technologies in the Fields of Economy and Social Sphere for 2015-2019 Uzbekistan 2015