Policies (1661)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Law on the Promotion of Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources Togo 2018
General Law on Climate Change Mexico 2018
Electricity Grid Action Plan Germany 2018
Fifth Basic Energy Plan Japan 2018
Long Term growth trajectory of Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) India 2018
Post-2020 EU-ETS Reform European Union 2018
5th Strategic Energy Plan Japan 2018
Renewables net metering Indonesia 2018
Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act Canada 2018
Coal Phase-out Canada 2018
Strategic electricity interties Canada 2018
ELAN Law and Decree on Housing France 2018
Notice on Provisional Management Measures for Distributed Wind Power Project Development and Construction China 2018
Bipartisan Budget Act United States of America 2018
National Strategy for the Mobilisation of Biomass (Stratégie Nationale de Mobilisation de la Biomasse) France 2018
5th Basic Environment Plan Japan 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile 2018
Emissions Trading Scheme Pilot Project Mexico 2018
VAT on Fuel Saudi Arabia 2018
Action Plan for the Development of Smart Photovoltaic Industry China 2018