Policies (1127)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Basic Law for the Promotion of Biomass Utilization Japan 2019
Rajasthan Wind and Hybrid Energy Policy India 2019
Non-conventional renewable energy auction Colombia 2019
Hydro GET FiT Zambia 2019
Power Development Plan (PDP) 2018-2037 Thailand 2019
Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy India 2019
Law on Renewable Energy Auctions (Law No. 2712-VIII) Ukraine 2019
Incentive mechanism for renewable energy plants Italy 2019
Law No. ZRU-539 on Renewable Energy Sources Uzbekistan 2019
The Law On Promotion of Production and Utilization of Energy from Renewable Sources Georgia 2019
Decree Law 162/19 art. 42bis - Legal scheme applicable to self-consumption of renewable energy Italy 2019
Special Programme for Energy Transition Mexico 2019
Decision 1264/QD-TTg Approval of the terms of reference for the development of the National Power Development Plant for the 2021-2030 Period, Outlook to 2045 Viet Nam 2019
Decrees 476/2019 and 548/2019 on renewable energies Argentina 2019
Renewable portfolio standard benchmark China 2019
Snowy 2.0 Australia 2019
Wind Power Auction Saudi Arabia 2019
Integrated Resource Plan South Africa 2019
Alternative Energy Development Plan (2018–2037) Thailand 2019
Strategy for Developing Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Technologies Japan 2019