Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act United States of America 2021
Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, MeaDRI Japan 2021
Sectoral Climate Change Management Plan for Housing and Urban Territory (PIGCCS) Colombia 2021
National Water and Energy Demand Management Programme United Arab Emirates 2021
Carbon trading policy to reduce emissions Indonesia 2021
Hydrogen Leadership Roadmap United Arab Emirates 2021
Kigali Amendment on HFCs Dominican Republic 2021
Resolution 290/2021 on the National Program to Strengthen the Circular Economy Argentina 2021
Working Guidance for Carbon Dioxide Peaking and Carbon Neutrality China 2021
Kigali Amendment on HFCs Cameroon 2021
Kigali Amendment on HFCs Gambia 2021
Energy Transition Roadmap Colombia 2021
Federal Budget 2021-22 Australia 2021
Ten milestones for the mining and energy sector Colombia 2021
Notice 655/2021 on Pollution Control, Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction China 2021
Draft Energy Efficiency Action Plan Russian Federation 2021
Law 27,640 on biofuels Argentina 2021
National Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Morocco 2021
Law 21,305 on energy efficiency Chile 2021
Kigali Amendment on HFCs India 2021