Policies (250)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
EV subsidies Russian Federation 2022
Steps to Drive American Leadership Forward on Clean Cars and Trucks United States of America 2021
Public transport decarbonization New Zealand 2021
VAT exemption for electric cars Norway 2021
EV tax exemption extension New Zealand 2021
National Budget 2021 Japan 2021
EV tax scheme and target Indonesia 2021
Regulation 2021/0197 amending Regulation (EU) 2019/631 on CO2 emission performance standards European Union 2021
The American Jobs Plan United States of America 2021
Concept for the production and use of electric vehicles until 2030 Russian Federation 2021
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act United States of America 2021
Loan to the electric vehicle battery factory Lion Electric Canada 2021
Future Fuels Fund Australia 2021
Transport Decarbonisation Strategy United Kingdom 2021
Decree no. 10.387 to provide incentives for financing infrastructure projects with environmental and social benefits Brazil 2020
Sustainable Mobility Package (Forfait Mobilité Durable) France 2020
Special EV loan scheme for taxis Bhutan 2020
New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plant China 2020
2020 New Energy Vehicle Promotion Subsidy Plan China 2020
Environmental zones for municipalities Sweden 2020