Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
2030 Strategy and 2021–2023 Action Plan for Climate Change Mitigation (CSAP) Georgia (2020) Georgia 2021
Brazilian Agricultural Policy for Climate Adaptation and Low Carbon Emission (ABC+ Plan) Brazil (2010) Brazil 2020
Regulation on inclusion of LULUCF in the 2030 climate and energy framework, and amending Regulation (EU) No 525/2013 and Decision No 529/2013/EU European Union (27) (2018) European Union 2018
Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry United States of America (2015) United States of America 2015
National Low Carbon Livestock Strategy Costa Rica (2015) Costa Rica 2015
Carbon Farming Initiative Amendment Bill Australia (2014) Australia 2014
Emissions Reduction Fund Australia (2014) Australia 2014
National Food Security Mission India (2013) India 2013
Carbon Farming Futures Australia (2011) Australia 2011
Climate Strategy Agriculture Switzerland (2011) Switzerland 2011
Low-Carbon Agriculture Plan (ABC Plan) Brazil (2010) Brazil 2010
Five-Year Plan for Developing Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture Republic of Korea (2001) Republic of Korea 2001
Organic Agriculture Law Turkey (2001) Turkey 2001
Directive concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources European Union (27) (1991) European Union 1991
Nitrates Directive European Union (27) (1991) European Union 1991