Policies (1127)
Last update: 05/04/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act "EEG 2021" Germany 2020
Queensland Renewable Electricity Generation Target of 50% by 2030 Australia 2020
Decree 829 - Tax incentives for non-conventional renewable energies - streamlined procedure Colombia 2020
Oil and Gas Strategy United Kingdom 2020
Decree no. 10.387 to provide incentives for financing infrastructure projects with environmental and social benefits Brazil 2020
Mid-term deployment plan for offshore wind power Japan 2020
Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy European Union 2020
South Australia Renewable Energy Target Australia 2020
New mechanism to provide energy service to more Colombian homes Colombia 2020
Resolution No. 55 on the orientation of the National Energy Development Strategy Viet Nam 2020
Regulation on the EU renewable energy financing mechanism 2020/1294 European Union 2020
Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program Canada 2020
Municipal Energy Roadmap Canada 2020
National Hydrogen Strategy Germany 2020
Railways on MISSION MODE of becoming a "Green Railway" by 2030 (Net Zero Carbon Emission) India 2020
Tasmania State Energy and Emissions Reduction Deal Australia 2020
Decision 08/2020/QD-TTg On amending and supplementing several articles of the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 24/2014/QD-TTg dated 24 March 2014 on support mechanisms for the development of biomass power projects Viet Nam 2020
National Green Hydrogen Strategy Chile 2020
CNPE Resolution 15/2020 on Micro and small-scale distributed generation Brazil 2020
Solar power plant financing agreement Uzbekistan 2020