Policies (1089)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Exercise Tax on Fuel Russian Federation 2019
New Energy Vehicles (NEV) market share target increase China 2019
Metropolitan Low Emission Zone (Zone à faibles émissions métropolitaine) France 2019
Regulation Setting CO2 Emission Performance Standards for New Passenger Cars and for New Light Commercial Vehicles (Vans) in the EU for the Period After 2020 European Union 2019
Low Emissions Zone Barcelona Spain 2019
Scheme for Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and EV (FAME) II India 2019
Presidential Regulation 55/2019 on electric vehicles Indonesia 2019
National Strategy for Electric Vehicles Australia 2019
Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Canada 2019
Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy India 2019
Federal purchase incentive: Zero emission vehicles Canada 2019
Local Automobile Tax Republic of Korea 2019
Measures to reduce emissions from mobile sources Colombia 2019
National Plan for Electric Transport Costa Rica 2019
Highway Motor Fuel Tax (HMFT) United States of America 2019
Project ELBE (Incentive Programme for EV Charging Infrastructure) Germany 2019
National Decarbonisation Plan 2018-2050 Costa Rica 2019
Public support scheme for electric buses and charging structure Germany 2019
Building code EVSE India 2019
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme United Kingdom 2019