Policies (1021)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Act on Transport Services Finland 2018
40% Reduction on Company Car Tax for EVs Norway 2018
Fiscal Incentives for Scrapping Fossil-Fuel Vans Norway 2018
Financial Support EV Charger Installation Thailand 2018
General Law on Climate Change Mexico 2018
Purchase Subsidies for BEVs Bulgaria 2018
Energy Route 2018-2022 Chile 2018
Cash for Car Belgium 2018
Effort Sharing Decision (annual GHG targets for non-ETS sectors in the period 2012-2030) European Union 2018
Creation of a Zero-Emission Control Area (ZECA) Norway 2018
National Action Plan for Electric Mobility Nepal 2018
VAT on Fuel Saudi Arabia 2018
National E-Mobility Programme India 2018
Finance Law France 2018
Discount on Municipal Parking Fees for EVs Norway 2018
Discount on Ferry Fares for EVs Norway 2018
Additional Excise Duty (Road and Infrastructure Cess) India 2018
National Policy on Biofuels India 2018
5th Basic Environment Plan Japan 2018
Free Registration for EVs United Arab Emirates 2018