Policies (296)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Registration Tax Based on CO2 Emissions Spain 2017
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Community Partner Projects United States of America 2017
Company Tax Benefits - Tax Incentive for EV/PHEV Belgium 2017
CO2 Emission-Based Vehicle Tax Fates United Kingdom 2017
Light-duty vehicles emissions standards India 2017
Scrappage Scheme/Conversion Premium (Prime à la conversion) France 2017
Circulation Tax for BEV Spain 2017
Company Car Tax Benefits for EV and Hybrid Vehicles France 2017
Tax Benefits for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles United Kingdom 2017
Light-duty GHG emissions and fuel consumption standards United States of America 2017
National Electromobility Strategy Chile 2017
Light-duty vehicle emission standards China 2016
Parking EVSE Mandate Norway 2016
Turkish Vehicle Registration Tax (ÖTV) Turkey 2016
Central and Local Government Fleet Renewal Mandates France 2016
Classification and Labelling of Cars (M1) and Light Vans (N1) Spain 2016
Low Emissions Zone (Crit'Air) France 2016
Indicative Action Plan (2017-2022) of the Rational and Efficient Energy Use Programme (PROURE) Colombia 2016
Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions Standards Turkey 2016
Ban on Sales of Diesel and Petrol Vehicles Norway 2016