Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Municipal Transport Financing Act (GVFG) and Regionalisation Act (RegG) Germany 1971
Rail Transport Tax Credit Australia 1999
Railway Infrastructure Adaptation for Freight Transport Japan 2000
Transport Initiatives Germany 2001
Directive on measured against GHG emissions from nonroad vehicles European Union 2004
Federal Transit and Railway Programs United States of America 2005
Activities of Deutsche Bahn Germany 2006
Locomotives emissions regulation United States of America 2008
Public and Freight Transport United Arab Emirates 2009
EcoTRANSPORT Strategy Canada 2011
Russian Direct Investment Fund Russian Federation 2011
Climate Change Action Plan Turkey 2011
Clean Transportation Initiatives Canada 2012
SmartWay Transport Partnership Canada 2012
Railway-structurereform Germany 2014
Law 27,132 for expanding and improving the railway system Argentina 2015
FNEE: Aid Programme for Energy Efficiency in the Railway Sector Spain 2015
Law 9366 on Railway Electrification Costa Rica 2016
Transport Strategy 2030 Russian Federation 2017
High Speed Rail Lines France 2017