Policies (518)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Decree n ° 2021-153 - establishing aid for investments relating to rapid charging installations for electric vehicles on major roads France 2021
Federal funding for energy efficiency in the industry Germany 2020
Emissions Reduction Fund for reducing methane in oil and gas sector Canada 2020
Automobile support plan France 2020
France Relaunch Plan ("France Relance") France 2020
Economic stimulus package Germany 2020
Aeronautic support plan France 2020
Resolution CIPE number 7 - Energy income measures Italy 2020
Agricultural Act United Kingdom 2020
"MaPrimeRénov" Programme France 2020
Decree 20 March 2019 - Financial incentive for acquisition of low carbon or electric vehicles 'Ecobonus' Italy 2019
Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy India 2019
Project ELBE (Incentive Programme for EV Charging Infrastructure) Germany 2019
Energy Efficient Communities Program - Community Organisations Australia 2019
MOVES Programme Sweden 2019
AFD Green Fund South Africa 2019
Improving the Energy and Emissions Performance of Buildings Australia 2019
Law 27,487 on Extension and amendment of Law Nr 25,080 related to the investments for cultivated forests Argentina 2019
Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme United Kingdom 2019
Scheme for Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and EV (FAME) II India 2019