Policies (6028)
Last update: 12/09/2023
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy United Kingdom 2021
Building’s certification scheme Georgia 2021
Resolution 383/2021 on GHG performance labelling for light-duty vehicles Argentina 2021
Energy efficiency labelling Republic of Korea 2019
Energy Rating Labels on Space Heating Appliances Australia 2019
Resolution 59/2019 on Mandatory Energy Efficiency Label to Build New Social Housing Argentina 2019
Green Transport Strategy South Africa 2018
National Green Certification System Turkey 2017
Resolution 191-E/17 on Mandatory information on energy and emissions performance Argentina 2017
Energy Efficiency Labelling of Energy Using Equipment - Supreme Decree No. 009-2017-EM Peru 2017
Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme Singapore 2017
National Standard Fixed electric storage water heaters (SANS 151:17) South Africa 2017
National Program For Residential Labelling Argentina 2017
Mitigation Plan for the Energy Sector Chile 2017
Labelling System for Energy Efficiency Japan 2016
Energy Efficiency Regulations SOR/2016-311 Canada 2016
Building Energy Efficiency Act Japan 2015
New Brunswick Appliance Meter Lending Program (NB Power) Canada 2015
SANS 1544: Energy Performance Certificates South Africa 2015
Fluorinated greenhouse gases European Union 2014