Policies (6273)
Last update: 04/04/2024
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Network in Mining Chile (2021) Chile 2021
Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program Canada (2020) Canada 2020
CIB growth plan Canada (2020) Canada 2020
Amendment on Energy Efficiency Law Turkey (2019) Turkey 2019
Federal Energy Law Switzerland (2018) Switzerland 2018
Voluntary Agreement Programme Mexico (2017) Mexico 2017
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution - INDC Angola (2015) Angola 2015
State and Local Climate and Energy Program United States of America (2015) United States of America 2015
Go Ultra Low Partnership Between Government and OEMs United Kingdom (2015) United Kingdom 2015
Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative Germany (2015) Germany 2015
Go Ultra Low City Scheme United Kingdom (2015) United Kingdom 2015
Climate change mitigation and adaptation sector plan for the consolidation of a low carbon economy in the manufacturing industry Brazil (2013) Brazil 2013
2014 Annual Budget Law Iran (2013) Iran 2013
CHP Agreements with Industry (Vereinbarung zwischen der Regierung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der deutschen Wirtschaft zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz) Germany (2012) Germany 2012
Better Plants, Better Buildings United States of America (2011) United States of America 2011
Top 10,000 Industrial Energy Conservation Program China (2011) China 2011
Global Methane Initiative Australia (2010) Australia 2010
9th Development Plan Saudi Arabia (2010) Saudi Arabia 2010
Technical Assistance Program (TAP) United States of America (2009) United States of America 2009
Development and Deployment of Utility Scale Renewable Power Plant Kuwait (2009) Kuwait 2009