Policies (237)
Policy name Sector Policy type Country Decision date
Decree No. DP-2343 on the Program of Measures to Reduce Energy Consumption, Implement Energy-Saving Technologies in the Fields of Economy and Social Sphere for 2015-2019 Uzbekistan 2015
PAREER-CRECE Programme Spain 2015
Alternative Energy Development Plan (2015-2036) Thailand 2015
Residential Gas and Heat Subsidies Phase-out Ukraine 2015
Minimum Requirement for Roof Insulation in Rental Residential Buildings (Flanders) Belgium 2015
Sustainable Construction Code Peru 2015
National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multifamily Buildings Bulgaria 2015
National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) Target Ukraine 2014
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Roadmap Republic of Korea 2014
Law Destinazione Italia Italy 2014
Energy Efficiency in Industrial Thermal Insulation Systems (NOM-009-ENER Mexico 2014
Alberta Building Code Canada 2014
Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme Australia 2014
Energy Efficient Buildings for Low-Income Households (EcoCasa) Mexico 2013
Thermal and Optical Characteristics of Glass and Glazing Systems for Buildings (NOM-024-ENER-2012) Mexico 2013
Thermal account, incentive schemes Italy 2013
Support Scheme for Renewable Heat and the Production of Biomethane (Flanders) Belgium 2013
Enova - Investment Aid for Energy Measures in Households Norway 2013
Danish Building codes Denmark 2013
Aid Programme For Energy Rehabilitation In Buildings in Household and Hotel Sectors Spain 2013